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Beast System Meme Tokenization
Synthetic Asset Exchange

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$BEAST utility token-backed process enables users to stake and trade synthetic assets.

Synthetic Value

Synthetic assets, or synths, are tokenized derivatives that mimic the value of other assets, enabling users to trade these assets without holding the actual underlying asset itself.

Collateral Value

$BEAST utility tokens can be used as collateral to mint synthetic assets. Users need to deposit collateral (for example, SNX tokens for the Synthetix platform) to create a synthetic asset

Real Value

The collateral is used to back the minted synthetic asset with real value, ensuring that the synthetic asset maintains its value in relation to the underlying assets found on Beast.Exchange.

144 k

OG Holders


Total Supply

6.66 %

Deployer Supply

93.34 %

Liquidity Pool

What Can We Do?


Renounced Contract

Renouncing ownership of a smart contract refers to the act of a contract's owner relinquishing their control over the contract.

Liquidity Pool Burn

Burning Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens permanently removes these tokens from circulation by sending to "burn address," rendering them irrecoverable.

Deployer Wallet BEASTEX.eth

This simplification allows users to more easily make transfers via ENS-compatible wallets without having to type the full wallet address.

Market Domination

The native token of BEASTEX ($BEAST) gives holders commissions from the trading volume generated on the Synthetic Asset Exchange.

Community Power

Synthetic assets have the potential to revolutionize our financial systems, paving the way for empowering of people´s social and economic equity.

Exchange Beta

Beta release of BEASTEX will be closed and publicly available or accessible only to a limited whitelisted audience from our community.

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